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Christopher Henry PhD, P.Eng. Associate Professor, Department of Applied Computer Science, University of Winnipeg

Dr. Christopher Henry, P.Eng. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Computer Science at the University of Winnipeg. Dr. Henry’s research focus is the development and application of theoretical frameworks for modelling human perception, such as quantifying the similarity of sets of objects and families of such sets – called computational proximity. This work is computationally complex and has led to his use of Graphics Processing Units (GPU) for general purpose computing (GPGPU) in his research since 2010. The result is that Dr. Henry’s research program lies at the intersection of computational proximity, GPGPU and machine learning.

His unique set of skills have led to many industrial collaborations working on problems such as hydrological modeling, remote sensing, customer profiling and digital agriculture. His latest collaboration focuses on the automatic generation of large labelled image datasets for machine learning applications to agriculture.