The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is at the heart of one of the strongest agri-science ecosystems in the world. The Agtech Hub is designed to make that ecosystem more accessible, accelerating innovation by making partnerships and innovation at USask easier and more efficient.

Currently, the Agtech Hub contains resources to capture intellectual property developed within the university and support and connect industry, government and academic partners interested in potential partnerships with the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS).

All information submitted through the Agtech Hub will be protected under the strictest confidentiality.

The Agtech Hub is powered by GIFS, an industry-government-academic partnership founded by Nutrien, USask and the Government of Saskatchewan in 2012. Using cutting-edge technology platforms and scientific programs, GIFS develops innovative solutions for sustainable global food security in partnership with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Agtech IP Portal

The Agtech IP Portal is designed to simplify the intellectual property discovery and protection process for researchers at USask.

The IP Portal allows USask researchers to submit invention disclosures related to potential IP and to access resources and support in the process. Intellectual property can be secured in many forms, including patents, copyright, trademark, know-how, prototypes and trade secrets.

Submissions will be reviewed by an IP Review Panel, who will provide feedback and strategic recomendations on next steps. Learn more about the process with our flowchart.

What is the Agtech IP Portal?
The IP Portal is designed to capture and advance intellectual property developed at the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) and through the Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Centre (P2IRC) program at the University of Saskatchewan (USask).

Who should use the Agtech IP Portal?
All employees, faculty, students, graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows at the GIFS and employees, faculty, students and graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows supported by the P2IRC Program.

When should I make an invention disclosure?
When you believe that your work may have commercial or external value, whether or not additional research or development may be required to realize that value.

How will my proprietary information be protected?
Using the IP Portal and documenting your idea is the first step towards protecting your potential intellectual property. All information submitted to the portals will be protected under the strictest confidentiality.

How long is the process?
The process length will vary dependent on the invention disclosed and the strategic recommendation for protection (if applicable). However, the Agtech IP Portal process ensures you will be contacted within 72 hours of submission.

Why should I make a submission into the Agtech IP Portal?
GIFS and P2IRC have specific objectives and targets related to Intellectual Property generation and the dissemination of the technology through licensing and your submission is an important development opportunity, both from a personal and an organizational level.

The portal provides a strategic approach to any potential intellectual property developed, protecting technology rights, research and development activities, and investment.

Agtech Ideas

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