Flagship 1: Genomic and Physiological Selection for Yield Stability. Moderated by Andrew Sharpe (GIFS) featuring presentations from Cranos Williams (North Carolina State University), Lingling Jin (USask), Mik Cieslak (University of Calgary), Morshed Chowdhury (USask) and Venkat Bandi (USask).

Flagship 2: Mobilizing Root-Soil-Microbiome Interactions. Moderated by Ian Stavness (P2IRC) featuring presentations from Claudia Wagner-Riddle (University of Guelph), Steve Siciliano (USask), Kevin Stanley (USask), Kyle Seidenthal (USask) and Banani Roy (USask).

Flagship 3: Deep Learning for Phenomics. Moderated by Mark Eramian (USask) featuring presentations from Amy Tabb (USDA-ARS-AFRS), Franklin Ogidi (USask), Masi Aslahi (USask), William van der Kamp (USask) and Lana Awada (USask).

Flagship 4: Field Imaging for Phenotyping in Plant Breeding and Precision Agriculture. Moderated by Kirstin Bett (USask) featuring presentations from Darren Howie (Trimble), Aristides Mairena (USask), Keshav D. Singh (AAFC), Thuan Ha (USask) and Albert Ugochukwu (USask).

Special Panel: The Carbon Opportunity. Moderated by GIFS CEO Steve Webb with panelists from Nutrien, including Candace Laing, Michelle Nutting and Michael Nemeth.