Inaugural P2IRC Symposium

Each year, the Global Institute for Food Security hosts a P2IRC Symposium designed to share information and learnings achieved in the past year. The event brings together P2IRC researchers, members of our International Scientific Advisory Committee, students, and delegates and partners representing industry and producer groups.





The Inaugural P2IRC Symposium was held August 29-30, 2016 at Marquis Hall on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon.

The main objective of the first annual event was to celebrate the launch of the P2IRC research program, Designing Crops for Global Food Security; research funded by a $37M grant from the federal government. 

The Symposium allowed for the consolidation of research teams and enhanced cross-disciplinary collaboration between researchers, software developers, students and technicians, and provided the opportunity to work with the P2IRC International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) and further build relationships with industry and stakeholder groups.  

As a prime focus for the Centre is student engagement, the Symposium offered opportunities to integrate new graduate students and post-doctoral fellows into the research program and showcase research work undertaken by students through the Student Poster Competition.

The program from the 1st Annual P2IRC Symposium can be found here.

Keynote Presentations

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