The Symposium included 18 sessions related to P2IRC’s four research themes, a panel discussion on potential commercial opportunities for P2IRC, a luncheon keynote on Pulses for Improved Food and Nutrition in Southern Ethiopia, and a special workshop on Quantum Computing by IBM.

The program also included the 3rd Annual Student Poster Competition. The posters winners can be found here.

The program can be found here.

Keynote Presentations

P2IRC Symposium 2018 - Intro - Dr. Maurice Maloney

P2IRC 2018 - High-Throughput Phenotyping and Data Processing in the Arid Southwest United States- Dr. Alison Thompson

P2IRC 2018 - Mobilizing Field Data Acquisition: P2IRC Three Years In - Dr. Scott Noble

P2IRC 2018 - Role of High Throughput Plant Phenotyping and its Adoption for Addressing Current and Emerging Issues in Agricultural Research - Dr. Tala Awada

P2IRC 2018 - NU-Spidercam: A Large-scale, Cable-driven, Integrated Sensing and Robotic System for Precision Phenotyping, Remote Sensing and Agronomic Research -Dr. Yufeng Ge

P2IRC 2018 - Technological Advancements in Understanding Plant Cuticular Waxes and its Relation to Drought Tolerance - Dr. Chithra Karunakaran

P2IRC 2018 - Development of Synchrotron-Based Excitation-Emission Matrix Spectroscopy for Soil Chemo-Phenotyping - Dr. Derek Peak

P2IRC 2018 - Precision Agriculture at the University of Guelph - Dr. John Sulik

P2IRC 2018 - Computational Tools for Plant Phenotyping from Outdoor Images - Dr. Ian Stavness

P2IRC 2018 - Enabling Food and Agricultural Innovation in an Increasingly Proprietary and Private Data World - Dr. Philip Pardey

P2IRC 2018 - Pathways and Barriers to NBT Adoption - Dr. Stuart Smyth

P2IRC 2018 - Workshop Panel Discussion

P2IRC 2018 - A Practical Application of Phenomics Technologies in Breeding Programs - Dr. Xavier Sirault

P2IRC 2018 - Poster Flash Talks

P2IRC 2018 - Dissecting Root Growth Control Using High Throughput Phenotyping and Systems Genetics - Wolfgang Busch

P2IRC 2018 - The Yin and Yang of Breeding for the Canola Microbiome - Steven Siciliano

P2IRC 2018 - Working Towards a National Phenomics Network - Dr. Malcolm Morrison

P2IRC 2018 - Visualizing Plant Parts using Penetrating Radiation -Dr. Emil Hallin

ntelligent Plant Phenotyping Analysis Using Multimodal and Multi-view Sequences Dr. Sruti Das Choudhury

P2IRC 2018 - Visualization for High-Throughput Phenotyping and Genotyping - Carl Gutwin

P2IRC 2018 - Pulse for Improved Food and Nutrition in Southern Ethiopia - Carol Henry

P2IRC 2018- Closing - Maurice Maloney