About Platform 1

Effectively managing and stewarding data is vital to the success of the P2IRC program, which cuts across several disciplines and sectors interacting with one another.  The goal of the Data Management Platform is to ensure the preservation, retention and sharing of P2IRC data and metadata during and after the program. To support this goal, the platform maintains a federated repository and central public-facing portal with well-defined data and metadata formats, standards and protocols that are based on best practices, including adhering to FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) principles for scientific data management and stewardship.

Working with P2IRC’s Flagship projects, Platform 2 is:

  • Creating a well-defined data model for the entire program’s data and metadata;
  • Establishing tools and application programing interfaces to support the collection, storage, access and sharing of data and metadata through a web portal that acts as both a web application and a set of RESTful (Representational State Transfer) software services;
  • Adopting or adapting the features of other international data management initiatives wherever possible to reduce our costs; and
  • Using the P2IRCprogram’s federated cloud infrastructure developed during Phase I, to achieve the integration of P2IRC data and analytical tools into a single portal and repository.

Practical Applications

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The following projects are currently underway within Platform 2:

Activity 2.1

Data Development

Identifying and establishing effective data and metadata model and standards, as well as appropriate system support and infrastructure for a data management portal and repository

To establish effective data models and metadata standards for the entire P2IRC program, this platform is collaborating with Flagship Projects to:

  • Evaluate current models and approaches;
  • Standardize data management and stewardship processes and interoperability;
  • Establish support infrastructure for the data management portal and repository, including support for databases, file systems, the federated cloud and curated data lake.

Platform researchers have completely surveyed and reviewed existing data models, data model implementation approaches and minimal metadata approaches, and have determined the dataset types and tool supports needed throughout the P2IRC program. In addition researchers have been able to define data and software management requirements, and have reviewed and evaluated existing data management portals and repositories to identify common use cases and features.


Activity 2.2

Software Development

Defining, designing and developing key data and software management requirements for a public-facing sustainable data management portal and repository.

Working with P2IRC’s Flagship Projects, the Data Management Platform is gathering feedback to determine key data software management requirements. The information will be used to design and develop a sustainable data management portal and repository for P2IRC that is guided by FAIR principles.

Within this Activity, researchers have gathered feedback to determine data and software management requirements, and have reviewed and evaluated existing data management portals and repositories to identify common use cases and features.

Researchers are currently implementing the design and development phase of the portal under the following considerations:

  1. The portal and repository must adhere to P2IRC data management policies;
  2. There is the need for tool support for data and software interoperability;
  3. There must be data management, governance and curation tools available;
  4. Data management functionality must be achieved using a web application and a set of application
    programme interfaces;
  5. The reusability of processing pipelines must be ensured; and
  6. New and refined functionalities must be added using a phased and user-centered approach.