Academic Partners

Our academic partners play an immense role in providing the knowledge, tools, and expertise to achieve our research goals. P2IRC is currently partnering with seven Canadian and four international universities.

Government Partners

Our partners in Government believe that there is a moral obligation to be good global citizens. They understand the societal benefits of transforming crop breeding and providing innovative solutions to food security. Governments in Canada and around the world are encouraged to join P2IRC as we work towards achieving global food security.

International Development Partners

Our partners in International Development are deeply invested in the work we are doing. They offer services to help achieve our goals, and provide us with access to techniques and tools to aid in research. Without their support, our work would not be possible.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners are deeply committed to food security. They contribute to the achievement of outcome-based research that will pave the way for improved crop breeding technologies. These technologies will increase the value of seeds and crop yields to producers. Our partners in industry understand the significant economic benefits of global food security to farmers and producers in Saskatchewan, Canada, and around the world.