Flagship 1: Genomic and Physiological Selection for Yield Stability. Moderated by Isobel Parkin (AAFC) with presentations from Andrew Sharpe (P2IRC), Rod Snowdon (Justus Liebig University), Adam Carter (USask), Jana Ebersbach (AAFC), Sampath Perumal (GIFS) and Albert Ugochukwu (USask).

Flagship 2: Mobilizing Root-Soil-Microbiome Interactions. Moderated by Bobbi Helgason (USask) with presentations from Maggie R. Wagner (University of Kansas), Stephen Mamet (USask), Kevin Stanley (USask), Dean Chapman (USask) and Jeremy De Beer (University of Ottawa).

Flagship 3: Deep Learning for Phenomics. Moderated by Mark Eramian (USask) with presentations from Sindhuja Sankaran (Washington State University), Hao Song (USask), Tewodros Ayalew (USask), Nazifa Azam Khan (USask), Rim Lassoued (USask) and C M Khaled Saifullah (USask).

Flagship 4: Field Imaging for Phenotyping in Plant Breeding and Precision Agriculture. Moderated by Carl Gutwin (USask) with presentations by Rick van de Zedde (Wageningen University), Thuan Ha (USask), Steve Shirtliffe (USask), William van der Kamp (USask) and Lana Awada (USask).