P2IRC Researcher Receives College Research Award

P2IRC Project Lead in Cloud Platform for Genomic-Phenomic Analysis has received a University of Saskatchewan College of Arts and Science New Research Award

The New Research Awards are reserved for scientists and scholars/artists early in their careers who received their highest degree less than 10 years ago.

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Chanchal Roy
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
New Scientist Research Award

Chanchal Roy is a world leader in the field of software clone detection and management. Software clones—duplicated fragments of code that can make up a large portion of a software system—are an important issue in modern software because they can lead to increased errors and maintenance costs. Roy is responsible for breakthrough research in software clone detection and analysis that has been credited with rejuvenating this field over the past decade. His seminal 2009 paper on the topic has over 700 citations and is considered to be the definitive reference on software clone detection. This year, Roy has been the recipient of two “most influential paper” awards from major conferences—an extremely rare achievement for a researcher early in his career. Additionally, Roy has significant Big Data-focused roles on two major research projects funded by Canada First Research Excellence Fund grants—one with Global Water Futures and another with the Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Centre.

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