Picture of Dr. Chris Phenix

Dr. Chris Phenix Project Co-Lead, Application of Advanced Imaging Technologies to Relate Phenotype to Genotype

Chris Phenix is an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, an adjunct professor at Lakehead University, and a scientist at the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute.

Alongside Sue Abrams, Chris leads P2IRC's research into advanced imaging technologies to relate phenotype to genotype (2.1). Chris' experience in utilizing positron emission tomography (PET) for the identification of target biomolecules and biomarkers in humans brings unique translational knowledge to P2IRC's research on plants.

Chris' research interests include PET imaging, bioorganic chemistry, radiochemistry, and probes for imaging enzyme activity. During his postdoctoral work at UBC/TRIUMF, he investigated a novel mechanism-based approach for the radiosynthesis of agents used in the PET imaging of a therapeutic enzyme for the treatment of Gaucher disease.