About This Theme

Technologies developed at P2IRC are intended to have a profound impact on global food security. This potential can only be realized when breeders around the world can use these tools effectively. Barriers to widespread adoption of new technologies occur due to gaps in policy, the regulatory environment, research, distribution, and marketing systems. Research conducted in Theme 4 will help pave the way for approval, acceptance, and widespread adoption of these new technologies and processes.

Theme 4 researchers are working with each of the P2IRC research themes to gain a detailed understanding of P2IRC technologies and processes and their potential future applications. This knowledge will be used to help identify potential regulatory and commercialization barriers that the P2IRC-developed tools face, and to evaluate their positions in the evolving global intellectual property framework. The research will assess and determine which pathways to adoption have the greatest potential to advance global food security.


Project 4.1

Securing Social License and Clearing Regulatory and IP Hurdles for Widespread Adoption of P2IRC Innovations

Project 4.1 focuses on mitigating the social, economic, legal, and regulatory pushback that is often experienced in this product space.


Project 4.2

Engaging with Key Actors to Help Foster Adoption in Target Markets
Launching Soon

Project 4.2 will focus on learning about the adoption process of new technologies and innovations that take place in countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Major activities will focus on measuring farmers' decision making, consumer acceptance, the influence of non-government organizations, and points of entry along the value chain.