Project Goal

To develop mobile and web-based applications that enable P2IRC researchers to easily collaborate and share data around the world.

Project Summary

Breeders and genomic researchers often work with large data sets and novel analyses. Carl Gutwin and Ralph Deters are developing mobile and web-based applications that will assist P2IRC researchers in collaborating and using their data.

Carl Gutwin and his team of researchers are building applications that will enable P2IRC scientists to collaborate around the world, in real time, with breeders and genomics researchers, a technology that current cyberinfrastructure tools do not provide.

Ralph Deters and his team  are working on the infrastructure of the web-enabled applications, to ensure better, more efficient data storage. This often involves building middleware, or software that bridges between P2IRC’s operating systems, and new mobile-friendly applications.


Project Results to Date

Project 3.4 will enhance access to evolving software and data for P2IRC researchers and manage the enormous digital assets of the Research Centre. This includes keeping track of rights and access to data, called IP and asset management. To meet the needs of plant breeders in the field, the current practices of breeders and genetic scientists will inform the continued development of software and applications to support those tasks and collaborative workflows.

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Practical Applications

  • Project 3.4 supports the other P2IRC themes and projects in gathering, storing, managing, and analyzing data. The project will enable plant breeders and researchers to specialize in their projects and fields, as well as achieve their objectives. Project 3.4 is also creating custom infrastructure and solutions in order to best support researchers and their data management needs.

  • Provides software and applications that further the collection of big data and development of digital agriculture. Project 3.4 manages important issues such as provenance, IP, and asset tracking in order to track, protect, and secure data and the researchers that produce it.

  • Real time collaboration throughout the industry and around the world is becoming increasingly important. These collaborative efforts will lead to fast and revolutionary scientific advances and deeper understanding about plant science and crop breeding.


Project 3.4 collaborates with:

Research Team

Project Leads:


Julita Vassileva
Regan Mandryk
Eric Neufeld

Research Associates:
Cristian Espana
Brittany Chan

Post Docs:
Alix Goguey

PhD Students:
Aminul Islam
Mayra Samaniego
Sara Rojani
Tanvi Jain
Ifeoma Adaji

MSc Students:
Gurjot Bhatti
Cheralyn Atkins
Venkat Kiran
Sanjeet Bhatti
Aristedes Mairena
Vahid Pourheidari
Parastoo Veisi
Mahsa Azizi

Undergraduate Students:
Michael van der Kamp
Jaden Ball
Eileen van Heerde
Matthew Galbraith