About This Theme

In order to understand and exploit the interactions between crop genotypes, phenotypes, and microbial associations, a substantial investment in the development of a wide variety of novel computational methods, softwares, and systems is needed.

The computational informatics theme will provide the P2IRC research team with the infrastructure, tools, and techniques needed for high-throughput computing, analyzing and processing image data, exploring genotype-phenotype relationships, and collaborative opportunities. In addition, Theme 3 assists the P2IRC project in shifting towards the future of big data and digital agriculture.

Theme 3 is the key to integrating phenotypic imagery with genomic information and will ultimately allow non-specialists to use comprehensive phenotypic databases. By providing computational services to enhance themes 1, 2, and 4 and foster program-wide collaboration, the impact on global food security will be greater than the sum of the parts.

The following research projects are currently underway within the Computational Informatics theme:

Project 3.1

P2IRC Cloud: Big Data Analytics for Crop Phenomics

This project looks at building and developing a Cloud framework to use, store, and share P2IRC data. 


Project 3.2

Data Analysis for Rapid Plant Phenotyping

This research focuses on the development of digital phenotyping using data from plant imaging.


Project 3.3

Genotype & Environment to Phenotype (GE2P)

This research focuses on bioinformatics, or developing software for understanding biological plant data.


Project 3.4

Systems and Collaboration

This project focuses on expanding collaborative capabilities and exploiting information over the web.


Project 3.5

Mechanistic Modeling of Plant Development for Plant Phenomics

Project 3.5 develops software to model plants.